<![CDATA[ROHAN MODIL - Blog]]>Mon, 23 Sep 2019 05:13:47 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[The Argument For Straight Pride]]>Mon, 01 Jul 2019 00:14:51 GMThttp://rohanmodil.com/blog/the-argument-for-straight-prideIt is hard to mention 'Gay Pride', whether speaking about a parade, the month, or just pride in general, without someone bringing up their 'Straight Pride'. This often offends people, and they begin to list the horrific things heterosexual people never had to endure.

Members of the LGBT community often speak about how they wish for 'equality' and for the stigma around not being straight. These same people then go out and argue against Straight Pride. Their definition of equality is confused, at the very least. If they truly believed in equality, they would welcome Straight Pride just as they do Gay Pride. Sadly, this is not the case.

<![CDATA[Censorship Against Pro-Life Websites at RPHS?]]>Fri, 17 May 2019 00:19:09 GMThttp://rohanmodil.com/blog/censorship-against-pro-life-websites-at-rphsI was at school, on a school laptop, and decided to check my Twitter feed. To my surprise, Twitter was not blocked, and so I read through the news, much of which was about a new abortion bill in Alabama, which criminalized many forms of abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. I then ran a Google search about abortion in cases of rape and incest, to see more information on it. There was a result from a pro-life website, and so I decided to click it. I was greeted by a message saying the website was blocked. I didn’t think much of it, as it somewhat makes sense for a school to block a website talking about rape. Then I read the reason as to why it is blocked.

Category ‘Pro-Life’. I thought to myself, What? This cannot be right. I then went to some other, pro-choice websites. I went straight in, no “Category ‘Pro-Choice’” message. If the school wishes to block abortion-related websites, perhaps they think it is to sensitive a topic, they can do so. But creating a filter that only blocks pro-life websites is uncalled for. Whether or not the administration supports abortion, every student should be allowed to view both sides of the debate before deciding for themselves. Allowing students to only see the pro-choice side is a clear example of leftist bias in this school, and we should not stand for this.
The company that makes this filter, WatchGuard, has a filter for both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice websites. But my school only enabled the Pro-Life filter.

I reached out to the principal of this school, and will update this post if a reply is made.
<![CDATA[The Issue With Georgia's New Abortion Law]]>Tue, 14 May 2019 00:44:26 GMThttp://rohanmodil.com/blog/the-issue-with-georgias-new-abortion-lawAs you may have heard, a new abortion bill has been passed in the state of Georgia. This law both bans abortions after six weeks, and gives fetuses legal personhood. Because of the latter, women can have criminal charges filed against them if they choose to abort a baby after the legal six-week time frame. This law, Georgia HB 481,  will come into effect in the year of 2020. One main difference between this law and many other abortion bills is that this penalizes women who self-administer pregnancy-terminating drugs, as many women are now doing. 
This bill is not evil or attempting to remove women's rights as many on the left might believe. This bill is simply making a statement that abortion is wrong and we should not do it. I doubt that this law will actually be enforced, but it did a good job of making a point.

However, punishing women who seek to get abortions is not a worthwhile approach, as we should be trying to change people's hearts. We should be making people understand that what is growing inside them is a life, and we need to treat it as such. Proper education starting in middle schools are our best shot at fixing this problem, and until we properly teach our kids about the downsides and evils of abortions, this abortion conflict will never end. 

If you are not convinced by this bill or the pro-life movement, we encourage you to join Alyssa Milano's "sex strike." After all, abstinence is the best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. All jokes aside, this law had decent intentions, just wrong execution.